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At the Winding Beam Collection, MacKenzie-Childs flowers are blooming everywhere! Our shelves are brimming with  new product! We are ready for sunny, summer days and to share all our new MacKenzie-Childs with you!


"From plates to planters, teapots to tureens, MacKenzie-Childs designs are alive with individuality. Each piece created by our artisans holds the surprise and joy of the unexpected. Layer upon layer of artistry applied by hand to every inch of surface is our hallmark. And it's what makes every MacKenzie-Childs creation an original."  ~ MC

"Each handcrafted piece has a unique signature of its own and no two pieces are identical; this is the beauty of our handcrafted ceramics and home furnishings. An artisan's stamp or mark shows his or her contribution to each piece. In some cases, the contribution is a stage in the process, as in ceramics. In others, the application of decorative surface treatment may be the start-to-finish responsibility of one artisan." ~ MC